From field days to art shows, product launches to polo matches, our team have over 25 years experience in major events. Thinking outside the box is what we love – give us a challenge and we will find the solution! We understand you are working within tight timeframes and even tighter budgets, so we like to get involved from the beginning to make sure there are no unexpected extras which can create unnecessary stress!

We pride ourselves on quality and service, so all of our hire items are guaranteed and meet Australian Hire Standards.

Some of the fantastic events we have been proud to be involved with include:

  • Toowoomba Spring Polo
  • Southern Downs Harvest
  • Hampton Food Festival
  • Toowoomba International Multicultural Event
  • Gourmet in Gundy
  • Regatta Hotel Beer Festival Brisbane
  • Tara Futures Group
  • Farmfest
Bentwood Chair - White
Bentwood Chair - Walnut
Arrow Wire Chair
Tiffany Chair - White
French Bistro Chair
Americana Folding Chair
Bogart Dessert Spoon
Bogart Dinner Fork
Bogart Dinner Knife
Bogart Entree/Butter Knife
Bogart Entree/Dessert Fork
Bogart Soup Spoon
Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights
Festoon Lighting 10 metres
Festoon Lighting 20 metres
Marquee 3 metre WHITE
Marquee 6 metre WHITE
Marquee 10 metre WHITE
Marquee 15 metre WHITE
Marquee 20 metre WHITE Curved Roof
Marquee 3 metre CLEAR
Gravy Boat
Gravy Boat
Glass - Stainless Steel Water Jug
Champagne Bucket
Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket
Ice Tub - Galvanised
Electric Urn
Electric Urn